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Enhancing the lives and outcomes
of Canadian individuals and families
affected by Barth syndrome."


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International Scientific, Medical & Family Conference

The Barth Syndrome Foundation's (BSF) biennial conferences bring affected families, research scientists, and clinicians together in one place at one time for a dual track meeting.  

Doctors who might care for a single patient will have the opportunity to see well over 50 individuals with Barth syndrome at once; thereby, gaining a greater understanding of the breadth of the disorder. Additionally, they will be able to compare notes with other physicians and also hear from scientific experts about the latest discoveries and upcoming potential treatment options.

Scientists will hear presentations on colleagues' recent work as well as learn from and have a chance to collaborate with experts in other fields. Furthermore, they will gain insight into the clinical aspects of the disorder and witness the medical ramifications of what they discover in the laboratory. 

Families and individuals with Barth syndrome have a unique opportunity to be seen by the world's greatest experts in Barth syndrome, contributing directly to the search for a cure by providing their information, their health history, and even their own tissue in addition to learning from experts and from each other so that they can better advocate for themselves or their child(ren).


The 2020 conference is postponed and has been rescheduled to July 19 - 24, 2021. Please save the date!

As the efforts to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus are taking longer than many world health leaders originally anticipated and given the baseline immunocompromised state and cardiovascular issues in affected Barth syndrome individuals, we consider our community to be extremely vulnerable and high-risk. Despite our hope that the situation would improve, our priority is always to first protect and support our Barth syndrome community.

As a result, for the sole reason of protecting those that are most vulnerable, we have decided to postpone the 2020 Conference and reschedule it for July 19 - 24, 2021. Specifics of the 2021 Conference are being worked out and will be available as soon as they have been finalized. Anticipated date for more information and registration is July 2020. See the BSF conference page for more details.


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